Top 8 Things To Do For Your Partner


Ladies be honest. How often do you do sweet things for your partner?

Trust me, I know they can be a headache at times but we love them anyway right? We tend to wait until special occasions or when our partner is upset to show them how much they mean to us. Well, lets try not to do that.

Small gestures just to show love and appreciation puts a smile on their face and strengthens the relationship. So here are 8 sweet ideas you could try.

1. Focus on him

We get so caught up in the day to day aspects of life that we forget to focus on our partner. Put your phone away and give him that one on one time he desires.

 2. Be open with him

Men aren't mind readers so don't expect him to read your mind. If he's wearing an outfit that you like or that cologne that smells oh so good, tell him. Trust me, he will love this! Openly express your your feelings to him.

3. Speak his love language

Not everyone feels or shows love in the same manner. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, there are five ways to communicate love. Understanding your partners love language is a good way to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

4. Treat him

Your man spends time doing sweet things for you to ensure that you're happy, be sure to reciprocate the effort. Treat him to a nice dinner for date night or randomly pick up the check the next time you guys are out. Maybe if there is something he wants to purchase and hasn't done so, get it for him as a nice surprise. Don't let long periods go between doing something special for him.

5. Take interest in his interest

Your man has desires just like you do. Try not to make everything about your wants. Be sure to partake in an event or activity that he's interested in.

6. Touch him

Touching is another way of showing love and affection to him, especially if his love language is physical touch. Give him a quick kiss or random caress just because.

7. Send a random message

If you are away from each other, send him a sweet message letting him know you were thinking about him. Also do not be afraid to be adventurous with your man. Send him a picture to show him what he has waiting for him at home.

8. Give him space

I'm sure you enjoy being around your partner but finding enjoyment in separate things is  a plus. He may want to spend time with his friends. He needs a chance to be himself without you so don't be afraid to give him a little room.

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